Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Your battle between impatient and pragmatic rages on today.

This is a tricky situation because the cookie has given me this message twice in the same pile. The cookie’s message itself must be based in some sort of ying and yang philosophy because I always feel like it gives out these mixed messages. It is exactly the same thing that happens when you deal with passive aggressive people. You never quite know which is the truth that is coming out.

The fact that I got the message twice in the same pile must mean that I should pay special attention to the fortune. Recently I have been contemplating getting rid of a bunch of excess stuff around my life. The stuff is all beautiful, and except for some very specific things that have sentimental value to me, it is just stuff. These objects take up space and weigh me down because these things require an ecosystem of their own. Mainly dusting, labeling, moving around, rescuing from a flooded basement, moving again, reminding me that they exist thus causing me mental brain drain.

I don’t have a problem with getting rid of stuff. Actually, it comes quite naturally to me. The only attachment I have to things are with photographs and old letters. Anything that rekindles or preserves a memory the way a photograph does or a letter does, is sweet to me and necessary. The same goes for some of the objects which might have been part of a photograph like a baby outfit or a toy. My kids love piecing this complete picture together of an image with something else they remember but are holding at that same moment.

The thing is while I don’t have a problem getting rid of stuff, I am conflicted about how to do it. The impatient side of me wants it gone now, today and at this moment. This would mean setting it out in the front walkway with a sign that says: free stuff. Another way, which I normally default to is to call a charity organization to come pick it up. The pragmatic side of me says I should carefully save it for other friends or the ultimate one: Make a killing on Ebay. I in fact, have come to this same crossroads a couple of times and always err on the side of impatience.

Dear cookie, you are trying very strongly to tell me something. And it is not like you are playing a cheap parlor trick. Your back messages of words and lucky numbers are completely different. I take it from this that I should do things in a more pragmatic way, which in this case means, Ebay. Before I thought pragmatic meant get it out of here. Today I think pragmatic means, make some cash out of it. So I will.

Long live the wisdom of the cookie.
Here are my Chinese words:

Boyfriend and Very Busy. The word for boyfriend sounds has three characters which at first glance seem to have the words pain on you. ( nan pun yau). Very busy has two characters and made of two characters. I think it is great that it takes two words in English and Chinese to say the same thing.

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