Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'd like to bid a sad goodbye to this blog, as it was intended to have a timely and planned demise.

The "Cookie Said So" was part of a project and dynamic backdrop to the paper I wrote titled Blogs: America Discovers Its Inner Writer, in the Fall of 2007.

I will soon post the other blogs that I worked on while this one was live.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cookie Devotion

See? The fortune Cookie is all powerful! Check out the homage this lucky recipient paid to his fortune.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


And here I was thinking the whole fortune cookie thing was other-wordly. Now this! What next? No Santa?

Fortune-cookie writer has been blocked for a decade

Link, via BoingBoing.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Collective Knowledge

Beware: This gruesome discovery may point to some reversal of fortune portent. Otherwise, why would the cookies all seek to regroup underground? What awaits the world?

Check out what these photographers found on their way to take some stock snapshots.
Don't miss the flickr pool!


Via Boing Boing

Solving a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a cookie

A friend forwarded me this wonderful article from the New York times. Thanks David.

There is also a great video. The information is surprising.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The public. They deserve to know.

No Million Dollars for YOU! the lottery seemed to be mocking me and torturing me. I won nothing.

Well. Perhaps it is my humiliation that has kept me from posting in such a long time. I am only doing so because some of you were left in the dark about my fortune. Lack there of would be more likely because I won nothing. You my dear friends wanted to know and so I will oblige.

My anticipation heightened when I cam home to see if I was winner. I needed to wait though, because my lottery tickets were only for a Friday drawing. I took this as a good sign because the waiting is the cookie telling me to learn patience, which I hear is a virtue.

Friday comes and I have learned so much patience indeed that instead of looking at my the prospect of a million dollars I spend the evening with my husband eating Indian food on the floor in front of a fire. One kid asleep and the other two kids gone. Pardon me for sounding a bit aloof, but darned it! A million dollars had nothing on this moment when my husband and I sat down to enjoy a quiet meal that didn't involve the words : "Could you please finish chewing before you talk?" Or " Please don't put your roll inside the water glass!" or "I am sure your classmate sticking a carrot stick up their nose was interesting, but we are eating here!".

My husband and I ate and yes talked about the kids but also talked about all of the other things we found funny and romantic. We even brought out some after dinner wine and relaxed watching the fire and opening a couple of packages of mallowmars and ding-dongs. We have after all a very refined taste for mass produced confections. What snobs!

After a netflix movie we realize that there is still more time to linger and we have some tea still in front of the fire. We are celebrating the moments of our life without the coffee and without Mrs. Olsen coming over to see what we're doing.

Fast forward to 6:30 am the next morning and our littlest bird of a toddler is still asleep. What? The kid has a built in 6 am monitor (from her mother's side). The surprise reminds me I need to check my luck! My fortune awaits. I slowly grab the laptop from the night stand and start to check. The cookie fortunes await me my million dollars are calling me. Or are they?

First numbers? Nope. Second numbers? Nah-a. Third numbers? Don't think so... and you get the picture. A sigh audible enough to the cookie sends me slumping into my pillow and they I hear another sound: It is my husband snoring.

I look at him eyes closed oblivious to the world. I cuddle next him and feel that he's warm and groggy but he squeezes my hand and I know he's smiling.

For the next hour and a half our toddler slept. If you ask me this is as good as it gets! And if you asked my husband how he felt later on that day, he'd tell you " I feel like a million bucks".

Thanks cookie.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Show me the money!

Well, today was the big day. I did it. Before long, I may be writing to you from the private island that I will have bought using my lottery winnings. I have never done this before, buying a lottery ticket. I remember that once in an office party, a coworker brought one for a Yankee swap. Even then, amidst all the useless gifts, I didn’t feel adventurous enough to try to get the lottery ticket or hold on to it.

The cookie said though, repeatedly, that I had some lucky numbers. Not really having been too successful (so far) with deciphering my running sentence code, I didn’t think number decoding would go any better.

Not being a superstitious person, numerology was out of the question. I love that math makes sense and that things can be proven, so the idea that one could try to garner life meaning from numbers based on our birth dates is just dumb. As I was saying, the fortune cookie, which has guided my life into a state of calm introspection and healthy mental attitude, basically begged me to play the lottery.

I went into a convenience store today and instantly felt inadequate. There was a huge display of rolls of some sort with shiny decals and illustrations and things one can scratch off with the edge of a coin. The nice man behind the counter looks up after I say “excuse me.”

“Yes.” He barely looks at me.

“I would like to buy some lottery tickets,” I answer proudly.

“Which ones?” He starts going towards the display.

“The ones that will let me pick out my own numbers.” I tell him, even more proud of my confident stance.

“For which game?” He stares and waits.

I panicked. “Which are the games?” I ask acting like I knew but wanted to quizz him.
He rattles a bunch of them off. I still don’t know what the heck to do. Whatever the ones he told me last are the ones that I blurt out.

“How many?” Not another question! Please cookie, give me the strength to go through this, please!

Was there an etiquette thing about buying lottery tickets that I didn’t know? Was there a pre-pack deal with a coupon? Or do they come in sets? Did I have to upload the numbers myself from home? Did I need to punch some buttons now? I was starting to calm down and go into my happy place when a guy next to me kept clearing his throat. I thought it was meant for me to move it along but then I quickly realized it must have been a 40 year old smoking habit. I could have sworn I was standing next to an ashtray.

No matter though, because ashtray man had something I didn’t. He had Lottery power and I knew this because he was holding a scratched lottery ticket in his hand. He had come to cash that baby in. I guess I had been standing there thinking for a long time. I am sure the security cameras will back that up. The ashtray lottery expert man was clearing his throat again, this time impatiently so I went for a smart strategy. If I asked him how much they were, then whatever form the tickets came in, I could decide right there and then what I was going to get based on how much I wanted to spend.

“A dollar.” He answered rolling his eyes.

“Then I will take five!” I answered chipper and happy.

Cookie, this is when I noticed your power. I looked around my pockets and I got a wad of my fortunes out and handed them to him. He looked so emotionless he was obviously in a state of transcendent meditative state. He asked me if this was Chinese food things that I was handing him, because I know he couldn’t possibly believe that such wisdom could solely be attached to a pu-pu platter.

I should tell you, cookie, you need to work on your power strength more because the guy behind me was so taken with your grace and counsel. Whenever the nice enlightened clerk punched each of the numbers on the machine he messed up, he was so nervous. He was trembling with holding your wisdom within his fingers. In the end it all worked out. I am too emotional to understand what I bought or even if I won. In the end, if you meant for me to be a filthy rich woman, I will be one, no matter what.

I wish I knew what the word for `loaded’ was in Chinese.

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