Monday, November 19, 2007

Finish your works on hand. Don't be greedy.

Are you kidding me cookie? Tell me that this is a bad Chinese into English translation we get to hear about every once in a while.

But if it isn’t a translation gone bad then what is the message for me today? Look, I have trouble finishing my works on hand but hardly because I am off getting manicures watching television all the time, gossiping on the phone (when I do I am productive).

Greedy would be: living in the world plotting to ruin people’s lives while looking perfectly styled, manicured and coifed, or sleeping in and maybe even going alone to the movies more often. The things I am greedy about like certain cakes or things are never things that keep me from finishing my works on hand. I eat greedily while I do other things.

Everything I do is about finishing my work(s) on hand. Give me a break cookie!

So I am baffled by this fortune and I will admit, a bit upset by the mixed message it gives me. Maybe I am not enlightened enough to follow forth in the wisdom of the cookie, but maybe later I will.

Yay! I got my message of enlightenment anyway. The Chinese word for me today was:
"Don’t matter," which my cookie says means "not related." This word is made of four characters and all I take from this cookie is that I shouldn’t care just yet about what I can or cannot get from its wisdom, because it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t relate to me.

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