Saturday, December 1, 2007

You will have good luck in your personal affairs.

I am starting to regain a bit more of my faith in the cookie. This message is direct and not cryptic. See what happens when you open a fresh box of La Choy fortune cookies?

I am feeling a bit giddy at the prospect of what my luck might entail. If it is personal affairs might one consider putting our child to bed easily? Or even finding a good parking space and not waiting in line too long at Starbucks?

I am going to keep this fortune for use tomorrow. I am not sure if that is within the rules of ethical cookie belief guidelines, but it will have to do. Tomorrow our child will be seeing her possible pre-school for the first time. This little visit is for us (the parents) to assess the environment in thirty minutes.

In reality, I bet it is a scrutiny fest to see if we are fit parents and have an IQ larger than an onion. In thirty minutes our child could put a box over her head and try to walk around without bumping into things. Up to now, this is one of her most well-honed skills. She mastered it by walking with her eyes closed. Our child also jumps into any new situation or recovering an object with a very loud; “Ta-da!” while doing a wide plie martial arts move. I am hoping of course, that if she does this they will find it so charming in her possible new school, that a spot will be available instantly. If luck goes our way, which the cookie is implying, our daughter will put her hands behind her back to observe the place with an interested and detached expression. Her face will say, take it or leave it. She will play hard to get and then for sure we will get it. Thanks for the hope, cookie! You’re swell.

Here is the word I learned in Chinese: Don’t. Two characters, I wonder if it is significant in the greater puzzle.

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