Sunday, December 2, 2007

You can learn much from wise words and less from wise guys.

For Sure! The cookie has so spoken, because that is what fortune cookies are: wise words.

I need to think about this carefully today because when I think of a wise guy they usually strike a funny bone with me. The sharp wit of sarcasm is never lost on me. I get the dry sense of humor. I do however hate the idea of clowns and I don’t mean the ones in the circus, who actually scare people. I mean people who are wiseguys for the sake of being wiseguys.

My oldest daughter doesn’t mean to be a wiseguy. She just is. But it is in the wisdom of her accumulated ten years of life that I find solace. I will share some of her wise words with you.

When I urged her once to stop dancing around because she was annoying me, she said:

“ Sometimes you just have to shake your boom-boom”

She also told me once that I was annoying her brain.

Some of her greatest wisdom comes from the words she’s made up.

Accumulancy - We have no idea what it means but it sounds serious and economics academically related

Deiceinator - What one should put on the walkway to melt the ice so she doesn’t fall and hurt their rear-end, like she did, on the way to school.

Indignorant - Where do I start? She said she thought we were being indignorant.

Peeper-Tom - sounds so much better than peeping tom. It almost makes the word sound like a leaf watching hobby, not deviant behavior.

A most useful phrase today as part of my Chinese instruction: What time is it now?
I think this is a major part of the encrypted secret message contained within the cookies.

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