Monday, December 3, 2007

You are ready to take on the world

Again, I love this line of cookie reasoning. It is straightforward with a positive aphorism. I see the message’s good attitude just rubbing off on anyone. Taking on the world can seem like such a huge thing at times. Just waking up in the morning takes on the meaning of dread. The repetitive whirlwind of life keeps happening and one can only take dramamine and go for the ride. But with this fortune, well, I feel positively optimistic.

Actually, I feel kind of brave. I have a faint sense of fight in me that I can feel creeping up ever so slightly and I am getting psyched here. What should I put this knowledge to work on? To what cause?

Do you ever recall what it actually feels like to take on the world? That hopeful energetic optimism. Sometimes it comes by the way of a huge reassuring thing the worst thing you might have expected happened, didn’t. That one thing or person you wanted the most in your life is there, will be there or came back? That great amount of work you put into something pays off and perhaps someone told you how amazing the work you did was. It is those kinds of things that make a huge difference when life gets a bit tough. Your armor is high and your speed is faster and you are cautious in a way that is smart and not scary.

So as of today I have no special cause to contribute my new found wisdom to. I will just be happy with remembering what the feeling is like so that I can tap into it more often.

Here is my word today: Going or not? Isn’t that great? I love that one. It is so Are you with me or not? It reminds me of that other saying that involves getting off a pot. Going or not? Indeed I will be going to take on the world more often.

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