Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A chance meeting by someone from your past is in store.

Oooh! A mysterious fortune. When I was younger and might have thought I let an old boyfriend get away without too much of a fight, this fortune would have worked. Now it is almost creepy to me. It sounds positive and all but I want more information.
I get the past thing, recent or distant it is still past. I also get chance, that is grocery store or parking lot or post office. What I don’t get is what would the purpose be. If the cookie is going out its way to portend the meeting why not tell me why it is supposed to happen?

Perhaps the meeting itself will reveal the outcome or reason. The thing about people in my past is that there is wide variety of them. Some very good. I have always made a habit of paying off my debts (whenever I had them, which wasn’t often because I hate being indebted). As far as I know, there is no one who will take pleasure from breaking my knee caps or cleaning my clock. Good. I got to tell you though, there are also some crazies I have known. Some crazy as in eccentric, but others crazy as in you shouldn’t be talking to me and here’s a restraining order crazy. I would love to have a chance encounter with so many people from my past. Instead of waiting for it to happen I might just spend some time reminiscing and even making sure that I get the chance to encounter more people in my past.

OK. Kind of an oddball fortune today. The Chinese word for me today is Baseball. I can’t use that for much.

Hopeful joke around. Don’t matter! Boyfriend very busy. Thank you, no he good weather. Don’t. What time is it now? Going or not? baseball

I think I am really close here. I will keep working on this except that I need to dig into my Stew Leonard’s batch now.

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