Friday, November 30, 2007

We treat this world of ours as though we had a spare one in the trunk.

Oh no! Did I just get a sanctimonious fortune?

I recycle. As a matter of fact it drives my family nuts that I go after them saying things, like “if you rip it you can recycle it”. I have engaged in long conversations with them about a paper napkin being paper one can rip versus one that cannot be put in with the paper recyclables. I also have spent countless hours labeling and re-labeling garbage cans to train my family to do the right thing and put the containers in the right place. I get it!

And I do drive an SUV because we have three kids one of them requiring a fat car seat and then there are two adults and then of course we have gear. So we drive a big gas guzzling car. I don’t see too many choices in that matter. I would have more fun in a BMW 325 series stick-shift in one hand, dark sunglasses zooming down some German autobahn in pursuit of some criminal or at least, a good cup of coffee. That would be my preference, but I have a lot of kids and lots of their stuff and a fat car seat, so I have a big SUV. I also go around turning lights off in the house the minute someone makes a move that looks as though they are leaving a room. I get a lot of “I am still in here” cries but I remain undeterred. I am energy conserving.

Dear fortune cookie wisdom. I come to you for the kind of enlightenment that I get no where else. Could it be that supermarket bought fortune cookies Ty Ling individually wrapped cannot be bothered to prophesy in the traditional way of the cookie? Please! How can I live my life following your instruction if you are now Al Gore’s mouth piece? I am all for saving our planet. I do my best, I just don’t need to hear it from you, fortune cookie. I am disheartened and questioning my blind faith. Plus, you should know that you tasted a little off, kind of kerosene and vanilla like. Not sure what that was about, just thought you should know.

Yours truly. Not sure if I believe in you any longer.

Oh, and how do you say RIP OFF! in Chinese? There is no word for me to learn or lucky number because, guess what? Blank in the back of the fortune, that’s what! I am angry cookie. I am so trying La Choy tomorrow. Only because if I go to my restaurant stash I fear I might get the greedy cookie fortune again.

Might as well just use this and do my own wisdom fortunes

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