Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is an ideal time to water your personal garden.

Dear Chinese cookie,

Thanks for the timely message because today I am going to take this literally. I am bringing all my plants inside and try to find ideal places for all of them to live comfortably because it is way too cold for them outside.

The huge gorgeous geraniums made it to the living room without incident and I only broke a couple of strong stems on the green and purple plant which name I don’t know.
I moved my herbs and those made it in one piece.

After all of the moving and the sweeping it was time to water. I forgot a couple of plates underneath the plants and the water ran over, but that was fine. I cleaned it all up and nothing was damaged.

When I look out the window and see the leafless trees and then I look inside and see all the green and the flowers I feel happy.

Oh, and I love my word today. It is the word No (not) and it is only one character.

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