Monday, November 26, 2007

Going with the flow will make your transition ever so much easier.

Fortune cookie: My transition into what exactly? Another life form. Look, I know I am a little high strung and need to have a lot of structure, but what are we talking about? A more enlightened and transcended being? Why can’t you be more specific with me? I hate that you don’t just tell me things in some direct way.

How about telling me that today I should go with the flow and let my toddler put ketchup on her pear because she’s just experimenting and not really getting addicted to ketchup like I fear she is. That would be helpful.

Does this mean cookie that this morning when I found I had put the remote control in the refrigerator I should only laugh instead of being concerned for my mental state. Same goes when I answer the remote control instead of the phone I should laugh it up.
Ha ha! Look at me I am going insane, no big. I am just going with the flow.

Nonetheless, even as your message is vague and open ended I will go with the flow and try to go with the flow. See what I did there? Well, that just means that no matter what catastrophe presents itself today I will brave it with shoulder shrugging singing “Que sera sera”.

My word for today is: He which is ta in Chinese. One character.

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