Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Da Vinci Chinese Code: Mastering the language

Today I will try to make a sentence with the Chinese words I learned. Maybe there is a secret extra wise hidden message.

Here is the message using the words in order.

Hopeful joke around. Don’t matter! Boyfriend very busy. Thank you, no he good weather.

Here are some variations:

He don’t matter! Hopeful good weather? No joke around very busy! Thank you!

Thank you no joke around. He hopeful good weather. Boyfriend don’t matter thank you, very busy.

Boyfriend hopeful he very busy. Don’t matter good weather. Thank you no joke around.
What does it all mean? I need to decode the numbers next. My brain hurts too much for that right now.

Instead, here is an entry from wikipedia on Chinese fortune cookies. I learned that many people do not use fortune cookies as a oracular device (whatever) and that much money can be made by using the numbers to play the lottery. Guess where I am headed later?

Linked from wikipedia entry is a good article about negative sounding fortune cookies! For shame.

Here is another article.

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