Friday, November 16, 2007

My Story The Cookie Foretold

Holidays make us do things that we otherwise wouldn't the rest of the year. Any store is beckoning that anything orange and black must be something to own. Later with other holidays we will send cards we think we should or wish someone a sentiment we might have might have never shared with coworkers or family. The holiday industry is into mind control and I am the most subservient minion.

If I am this absentminded and ungrounded in reality and living subconsciously, I might as well be listening to anyone who tells me how I should live my life. Just the other day my husband and I were driving back from a family outing. We were stopped at a longer than usual light and he turn to me and said "Fire your boss."

I said "what?" He pointed me to a flyer stapled on to a pole. This was an advertisement to work from home. "I should take more career advice from a telephone pole."

It was funny but the phrase stuck with me. (I have already warned you that I am easily affected by the world.) The phrase was so cute, that fire your boss thing. I kept imagining my husband going to his boss and saying to him, "Yanno what? I am firing your ass!"

My husband's boss would turn to him incredulously pleading: "Why? Why?" and my husband would turn and say to him, "Because I have a future in working out of my own home being my own boss, that's why!"

The boss, still supplicant, would say: "Please, you are making a big mistake" then my husband walking out triumphantly would add 'How can I be making a mistake? I took career advice from a telephone pole!"

I wondered what would happen if I subjected at least a chunk of my life to a kind of mindless participation with outside pearls of wisdom entering my psyche like a bolt of self actualizing enlightenment. Where could that knowledge come from? What would be the medium that sage and trusted and (here is the key word) ancient perspective and advice come from?

Enter my life, as prescribed by the Chinese Fortune Cookie. My life for the next month.

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